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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the system work?

  • A small wire is run around the perimeter of your garden (usually buried approx. 3cm beneath the surface). This wire is connected to a small control unit called the “transmitter” which sends a signal through the buried wire
  • Your pet wears a small receiver device attached to the collar. If your dog gets too close to the wire, the collar beeps. If the dog continues the receiver will emit a mild electronic stimulus. In a short time your dog will learn to respect the boundaries that you have established for him.
  • This system is a very cost effective and humane means of containing your pet in your garden, it also saves the time and money involved in building fencing and pet runs.
  • The system comes with two rechargeable batteries which can be charged with the transmitter unit to keep the fence system operating without interruption


What are the advantages of the Forcefield system as opposed to other electronic pet fence systems?

There are a number of added features on the Forcefield system which are not available on competitors’ products:

  • Rechargeable batteries (2 batteries are included in the system)

  • The system is suitable for all sizes of dogs

  • The system is suitable for all size gardens up to 12 acres

  • Boundary wire break indicator

  • 3 Year Warranty


Is there a guarantee on the Forcefield System?

Yes, there is a 3-year electronic parts warranty with the system.


What area will the Forcefield system cover?

The system will work around the boundary of any property up to 12 acres.


Does the boundary wire need to be buried beneath the ground?

While the system will work if the boundary wire is laid on top of the ground, we advise to bury the wire approx. 3cm below the ground to protect it from getting damaged or breaking the continuous loop which will affect the performance of the system.


How do I bring the boundary wire across a driveway?

Feed the wire through a robust plastic conduit or duct, this conduit can sit on top of the driveway but for aesthetic purposes it is better to cut a trench in the driveway and bury the conduit approx. 3 cm below the surface. The trench can then be filled in and the surface made good again.


If I want my dog to be able to pass through a section of the boundary, is this possible?

Yes this is possible if you put down a second strand of boundary wire and wrap the strands around each other at a rate of 50 twists per metre this will dampen the radio signal passing through the wire and allow your dog to cross over the boundary at that point.


How long does it take the battery to charge and how often do I need to recharge the battery?

The charge cycle takes 16 hours, when the battery is fully charged the centre battery light on the transmitter (wall unit) will stay permanently green. For the first few weeks of operation while your dog is being trained we recommend replacing the battery every week. When your dog is fully trained a battery will last approx. 3 weeks on a single charge.


What training will my dog need?

A detailed training guide is provided with the system, the training will take 10-15 minutes per day for approx. 2 weeks depending on the temperament of your dog.


How old does my dog have to be before training begins?

All dogs mature differently so the ideal age to start training can differ between breeds, we recommend not to start training your dog until they are at least 4 months old.


Will the stimulation from the collar hurt my dog?

No, this is a mild stimulus the level of which can be adjusted by the switch in the collar unit so that your dog receives the appropriate level of stimulation for its size. This type of stimulation has been used in dog training for over 40 years and is recommended by veterinarians.


Will the system work for more than one dog?

Yes any amount of dogs can be contained with the Forcefield system, each dog will need their own collar units, extra collar units can be purchased separately.


Will the Forcefield system work with any dog?

Yes our system works with all breeds and sizes of dogs. There are 2 sizes of probes for the collar unit supplied with the system, the short probes for smaller dogs and the long probes for larger dogs. Also there is a Hi/Lo switch in the battery chamber of the collar unit which controls the level of stimulus delivered, Lo for small dogs and Hi for large or disobedient dogs. Extra-large collars for very large dogs can be purchased separately.




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