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Ich finde es großartig
"Ich habe seit den letzten 7 Jahren den Forcefield Pet Fence verwendet , finde ich es toll, es tut genau das, was es verspricht. Die einzigen Ersatzteile, die ich je brauchte, waren die Batterie und diese sind auf der Website erhältlich. "
Kenneth Maloney, Athlone, Irland
Florian | 24/01/2017 21:49
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Es funktionierte wunderbar
Wir hatten das Problem, dass wenn die Kinder im Garten spielen waren und den Hund mitnehmen wollten, dass er oft ausriss und es manchmal Stunden brauchte ihn wiederzufinden. Dann hatten wir den Pet Fence von Forcefield gefunden,  und nach ein wenig Training mit Maxi hatten wir nie wieder das Problem und wir konnten die Kinder beruhigt mit dem Hind draussen spielen lassen.
Noreen Sexton, Bristol, UK
Florian | 24/01/2017 21:54
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I Find it Great
I have been using the Forcefield Outdoor Pet Fence for the past 7 years, I find it great, it does exactly what it says on the tin. The only parts I’ve had to replace is the batteries and they are easily purchased on the Forcefield website.
Kenneth Maloney, Athlone, Ireland
Florian | 02/03/2017 16:41
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It Worked a Treat
We had a problem when the kids went out to play in the garden they wanted to bring the dog outside with them but on a few occasions he ran through the hedge and it took us several hours to find him. We then purchased the Forcefield hidden fence, after a little training with Maxi it worked a treat and now he plays with the kids outside all the time but never leaves the boundary we have set. Happy kids and a happy dog!!
Noreen Sexton, Bristol, UK
Florian | 02/03/2017 16:42
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I was Delighted With It
I have 3 red setters which I use for hunting at the weekend, during the week I used to have to keep them tied up which I hated. Then a few years back a friend told me about the Forcefield Pet Fence, I tried it out and on one of my dogs and was delighted with it. I thought I would have to buy a separate system for each dog but I just bought the extra collar units which will work off the same transmitter that came in the original pack. I have now have 3 very happy dogs for a relatively small investment
Chris Stynes, Carlow, Ireland
Florian | 02/03/2017 16:44
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I Would Highly Recommend It
I would highly recommend the Forcefield Outdoor Pet Fence, I have always had a dog but I moved house last year and now I live very close to a busy main road. When I first moved I had to keep Pete my golden Labrador tied up when I put him outside, I thought I would have to build a big fence around my property to keep Pete in. Then I came across the Forcefield Pet Fence video on Youtube and was very impressed, I installed the system myself and followed the training guidelines, the system works brilliantly, Pete always stays within the property and is never tempted to go out on the road
Teresa Barrett, Lincloln, UK
Florian | 02/03/2017 16:44
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It's a Good System
I’ve just installed the Forcefield Electronic Dog Fence and it works very well, I initially had some minor issues installing the system but I found the installation video on the Forcefield website very helpful. It’s a good system.
Laura Quirke, Limerick, Ireland
Florian | 02/03/2017 16:45
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The Best Equipment We Have Ever Purchased
The Forcefield Pet Fence is the best piece of equipment we have ever purchased, we use it on our border collie; Trigger and we have such piece of mind knowing that he is happy and safe in the garden
Maria Collins, Rathkeale, Ireland
Florian | 02/03/2017 16:46
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